Gospel History

Resources for growing in gospel-centered knowledge of Church History for DNA Groups.

Gospel History

How does church history relate to the Gospel?

To understand where the church is now, it is important to look back at where it has been. Where do our church practices come from? How about our theology, our beliefs? The purpose of Gospel History resources is to give your group a chance to see how God has been using and moving in the church through the Gospel from the very beginning.


Christianity at the Crossroads

What was the early Christian church like? How did they set up leaders? What was there Bible? What kind of people were a part of this new religion? If you have those kinds of questions, this is a great book to get an understanding of the early church in the era immediately following the time of the Apostles. Now that John and Paul are dead, the early church had to struggle through all kinds of issues with only the writings of the Apostles. This book gives you a great overview of some really good topics, and is surprisingly applicable to our current time. It’s a great way for a DNA to see how the Spirit has been working in His church from the very beginning.

Timeframe: 9 weeks

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