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Join a team to serve needs in our church

Why Serve?

At Emmaus we deeply value our identity as being a family of servant-missionaries. We believe that Christ’s kingdom is lived out through the local church. We see our Gospel Communities as the means to our mission, families who serve each other and the needs of those around them as carriers of the gospel of Christ. We don’t have various official “ministries” to sign up for because we want to serve Denver from our Gospel Communities. That being said, we do have tangible needs and places to serve within our own community every week. Here are some ways to get involved in those!

Emmaus Kids

If you have a passion for passing on the truths of the gospel to the next generation at Emmaus Church then this is the team for you! From teaching on Sundays, volunteering at events, to holding babies, we have something for you!

Emmaus Creative

This is a team that aims to display the beauty of the gospel through the creative lens. Whether you are a musician, artist, designer, tech wiz, or media guru, there is a place to serve!

Gathering Team

Our Sunday Gatherings could never happen without the help of faithful volunteers. The Gathering Team is the driving force of our hospitality on Sundays. Whether you are setting up chairs, greeting people at the door, or delivering announcements and the scripture reading, we are always looking for friendly faces!

Transportation Team

We truly believe there is value in gathering in person, so we have a transportation team to help those who couldn't get to the Sunday Gathering otherwise by offering rides on Sunday mornings.


If you want to see where all our serving needs are and connect with the team leaders to start serving, text teams to 94000.