DNA Groups

Discipleship groups focused on growing together in the gospel in the everyday stuff of life.

Grow Together

Discipleship is what happens when the beauty of Jesus transforms us more into the image of Jesus in every part of our life. 

We are thankful for the Spirit’s work when we gather to worship on Sunday and for the relationships we build in our Gospel Communities, but in order for the Gospel to transform every part of our life, we need the beauty of that Gospel to affect the very DNA of our day to day life. We need the beauty of Jesus to transform us into the image of Jesus in every part of our life. 

That is why we have DNA groups.  

These are meant to be small intimate groups of two or three, where we get to know each other (plant), learn to apply the Gospel to every part of our lives (water), and continue to be transformed more into the image of Jesus (grow). 

We’re all at different points in the discipleship journey (1 Corinthians 3:5-6), which shows the beauty of the diverse body of Christ! Click one of the buttons below to find out more.