Learn what it means to be in covenant with our church family and leadership.

Covenant Membership

At Emmaus we believe in Covenant Membership. It is how we know who is committed to our church family in living out our vision, mission, and values together. That means we take seriously the commitment of members to each other and to the leadership of Emmaus and the leadership's commitment to the members. This is most clearly communicated in our family member covenant.

If you are interested in jumping all-in to this church community then the first step is Discover Emmaus.

Discover Emmaus Dinner

Discover Emmaus is a one time class for anyone who is interested in becoming a Covenant Member at Emmaus Church. During the class you will:

  • Meet Emmaus Leaders
  • Share a meal
  • Learn more about our vision, mission, & values
  • Discover expectations & essential beliefs for members & leaders
  • Learn about different Next Steps for discipleship & serving
  • Ask the leaders whatever questions you have about membership or Emmaus

Does this sound like the right next step for you? Reach out, and we will set up a time to host Discover Emmaus for you. Just put Discover Emmaus in the "other" option.

Emmaus Constitution

The Constitution of Emmaus is a more detailed combination of our beliefs and practices. This document spells out a wide variety of things like what it means to be an elder or deacon, how we manage our finances, and even things like how we work to protect our children on a Sunday Gathering. You can get a good summary of what we're about on our about page, but if you want more details on how that works itself out you can download our Constitution in PDF form below.