About Us

Learn more about who we are and what we value.

Who is Emmaus Church?

At Emmaus we believe who we are is defined by what God has done.

We're a family because God, the Father, has adopted us and made us beloved sons and daughters. We're servants because God, the Son, also served and is now enthroned as our King. We are ambassadors because God, the Spirit, has been poured out and dwells in us.

Emmaus Church is a family of servant ambassadors who see their life inside the True Story of the World.

Our Mission:

To bring good to others as we're formed by God together.

God is always been at work in and through His people. From the beginning, those made in His image were tasked to bring more of the good, right, and beautiful across the entire globe.

Now that King Jesus has restored the relationship between God and those made in His image, we're again tasked with spreading the beauty and glory of God throughout the entire world. This is how Jesus brings His Kingdom in and through His people. This is our mission as the church, to bring good to others as we're formed by God together.

What do we value?

Emmaus Church Denver's values. Inward & Outward Love, Word Centrality, and Gospel Beauty

We value Inward & Outward Love. As a family who serves each other we are welcoming and hospitable to those around us. The love we have for each other overflows out as we live on mission together.

We value Word Centrality. All our ministries dig deep into Scripture, benefit from history, and rely on the Spirit in order to uphold the authority of Scripture above all else.

We value Gospel Beauty. A beautiful Gospel is a transforming Gospel because it's an attractive Gospel. As disciples, we put Jesus' beauty on display as we make much of him and less of ourselves.

Want to know more?

Come visit us on A Sunday morning for our weekly worship gathering or get in touch with our leaders about what it means to be a part of our community!