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Learn more about the worship ministry at Emmaus and how you can get involved.

Emmaus Worship Team

At Emmaus we believe that the gospel is beautiful. The beauty we find in the gospel compels us to give our worship to Jesus in all things in life. So, we aim in our worship ministry to do and create things of beauty, to equip our church to worship when we gather, and to pursue the everyday liturgy of bringing glory to God together. Whether you are gifted in music, live production tech, or visual arts we would love to have you lead our body in proclaiming the beauty of the gospel in worship with us!


Serving in the Sunday Gathering band or other musical roles at Emmaus requires a bit more of a thorough process than tech or visual arts. Because the band is a serving position that comes with being out in front of the church on Sundays we want to ensure that those serving are representing Christ well on and off stage. So we have an audition process for this role.

  • Fill out the serve form and our Worship Pastor, Ben, will reach out to set up a time to meet
  • The audition itself begins with a time for you to learn more about the vision of the worship team and for us to learn more about you, your history in serving on worship teams/as a musician, and why you would like to serve at Emmaus.
  • You should come prepared with one song to perform on your instrument/voice and be prepared to play a song of Ben's or whoever is leading audition's choosing with them.
  • After the audition, we will get back to you within a week or so to let you know if we believe serving as a musician on the worship team is a good fit or not.

P.S. Even if the answer is a no to serving musically, you can expect Ben and the team to do whatever they can to help you find a place to belong! That is the ultimate goal.

Tech Team

As you can probably imagine there are many things it takes to pull off a Sunday Gathering every week that is both an excellent offering to God and hospitable to all. A role that is crucial to succeeding in this is our Tech Team! At this time our Sunday morning Tech Team consists of an Audio Team Member and a Visual Team Member. The Audio role is responsible for the in-person sound as well as the broadcast. The Visual role is responsible for running our presentation software and adjusting the livestream camera when necessary.

Regardless of your comfort level with either of those roles, we are dedicated to training our volunteers to become comfortable with the equipment, systems, and expectations of serving behind the table on Sundays. Our goal is always to help people achieve that before we send you off on your own on a Sunday.

Emmaus Creative

Emmaus Creative is our visual arts team at Emmaus. This team is somewhat of a catch all for all visual/fine artists interested in using the gifting for the building up of the church. That includes: graphic design, photography, videography, animation, fine art, social media, interior design, etc.

if you are interested in serving and filling in needs like creating social content, sermon series graphics, announcement slides, liturgical resource design, etc. let us know!

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