Emmaus Epistle Q1 2024

Its already March and a lot has been going on since our last Epistle!


Emmaus Family, 


I’m regularly surprised at how quickly I forget the goodness, grace, and character of the God we worship. Awe is a beautiful place, and I want whatever gives me more of that. I pray towards that end for you as well. You’re my friends and family. You are the brothers and sisters I get to share this adventure we call Emmaus! I’m thankful for that and for you. 


I offered to write the Emmaus Epistle because I wanted to share a few things that have given me a little sense of awe and have encouraged me to trust God as we continue in this adventure. 


First off. What a trip talking to Shaun Garman with Cole at Baere Brewery. It was such a blessing to share my 40th birthday with so many of you in December, and then 60 days later to sit in the exact same place hearing both an apology and an exhortation from the former head at Acts 29. Shaun was gentle, kind, and approached our conversation with a genuine measure of humility. Cole and I were honest, had a chance to apologize, ask questions, and left very encouraged. That night, we all couldn’t help but have a real sense of the presence and beauty of God. It was awe. 


Shaun had thought of Cole and I, since recently moving to Denver, but God jumped the Emmaus elders straight to the top of his list when he walked into his first Scum of the Earth council meeting with me! You never know what God is going to be up to in any given day. 


Speaking of not knowing, Scum of the Earth is currently in the process of discerning what to do and where to go. Since Gilbert and Rose have resigned, Jess is the only remaining staff member, until she starts her long overdue 6-month sabbatical in April. Matt, Justin, and I are the only remaining council members. As we all talk to the remaining members of the Scum community, we’re considering taking Shaun and Jeff (from Calvary Englewood) up on their offer to help us discern what God is up to at 935 W 11th Ave. 


While all of that is going on, God seems to be opening some doors with Judah, a pastor and local resident of Lincoln Park, the neighborhood adjacent to the church building. Although me and him briefly bonded over our love of flying drones, this relationship is still very much in the beginning stages with Emmaus. Jess has a little more history with Judah; Scum did an outdoor Easter even with them last year. It is cool though that Ben and Jess have already been able to collaborate with Judah as we plan our 3-community Easter breakfast and service. That’s a fun little adventure all by itself. Maybe this will lead to another chance to be in awe of God. 


With all the “maybes” and “who knows” swirling around, Ben brought the idea to the elders that we submit to some specific prayer prompts for a season. We were totally on board and landed on these three specific prompts here. You will see them on Sunday morning before the service, during communion, and on the 4th Wednesday of the month. We even have a cool branded bookmark coming your way! 


I appreciated what Ben said a couple of weeks ago, if we don’t know what or how, then let’s ask! Since, we don’t know what God is up to with Scum or the in the neighborhood. Since, we don’t know how to add members to our community. Since, we don’t know our unique place in His kingdom; why not make a consistent church-wide habit of asking!? Ben read it to us on Sunday “everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds!” We have a good Father who would love to hear from us regularly on these things.  


Let’s not be surprised when God does something to make us more in awe of him. 


Reflecting on the new children in our community, I had a thought. 


For those kids to develop, whether that’s Emerald, Maliq, or Zaylie, they need a deep sense of attachment to their parental figures, biological or otherwise. That presence enables certain parts of their brain to relax, so to speak, so that other parts can fire and flourish. We’re no different. 


We need the peace and joy bringing presence of our Father, so we can mature for all the various places He’s taking us. Like the children we don’t see what we need or even why He’s asking certain things of us, but also like the children, we know He wants us near Him and present with Him. He wants that because we need that. We need that to step forward as we grow, mature, and recognize what kind of adventures He’s equipping us for. 


Aaron Sanford 

Teaching Pastor 

Emmaus Church