What We're Praying

Prayers we are committed to in this season of Emmaus.

We want to commit to prayer together

We want to commit to praying together as a community.

To that end, the Elders want to bring you these three "themes" to petition the Lord with together as a church for the next 6 months. Think of these are kick starters or guides to praying around these topics. As an example, the first prayer is petitioning God to "bring our community the people you know we need." As the Spirit prompts you, there may be specific people you feel led to ask for. That may be a specific demographic, or people you already know you want to see become a part of our community, etc.

3 Prompts - Now Through August

Father, bring our community the people you know we need. Help us grow in number AND in worship of you.

Jesus, use us in the lincoln park neighborhood to serve those around us like you have served us.

Spirit, help us recognize your movement in EMMAUS AND SCUM. Align our hearts to your plan, whatever that is.