Newsletter March 2023

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Hey Emmaus,  

This last month has been a full one for sure. I have seen God at work to form us, bring us together, and bring good to others all over the place! It is encouraging that despite our stature from the outside the Spirit has been working in us in some huge ways.  

Looking Back & Financial Update

We spent the whole month of March continuing on in the Lent guide with daily readings and prayer practices. Did I miss a few days? Yes, but the days where it was a part of my rhythms started off great. We also had another “others week” as a part of our GC Pathways where people were served (both meals and on the Top Golf course). It is cool to see how God has been shaping us and our efforts more and more towards inclusivity in our little communities across the city.  

Here is our financial update for Quarter 1:

Expenses: $42,606

Giving: $31,980

Savings: $53,012

Missions: $3,580

Benevolence: $3,119

Runway: 19 months

Scum Update

As most of you probably already know, we spent a great deal of our time for our last Prayer & Potluck around Emmaus’ financial outlook and the potential move to meeting in Scum of the Earth’s building on Sunday mornings, effectively eliminating our rent costs. Aaron and I were able to do a tour of their space last week and interesting aesthetic choices aside, found it to be an encouraging look and conversation about what partnership with another neighborhood church could look like! Would you join us in praying about this potential move? Pray that God would give the elders and the leaders at Scum discernment. We also encourage you to give them a visit on a Sunday night to check out their space and give them encouragement by your presence. Even if we don’t make the move, they are a sister church we partner with through the Church Cooperative and are right down the street sharing the gospel with Denver

For a more in depth take on the process and where we are at check out Aaron's letter here.

Encouraging Word

Though things have certainly been picking up pace around here and I am sure in your individual homes too as they often due as we approach summer, I want to leave you with an exhortation. There will always be another thing ready to create a roadblock on your path of formation. It could be a to-do list. It could be uncertainty with the future of Emmaus. It could be kids that should be sleeping but are apparently on strike. It could be any number of life events on the horizon or unforeseen. But as things get busier, and we find ourselves more tired, or checked out, or even overwhelmed, let's not forget where lasting formation is found. We just celebrated that Jesus rose from the dead, he destroyed sin, shame, and death. Jesus is capable of giving you rest when your schedule gets too full. He can give you peace when you are able to admit you’re insufficient. He can give you joy even when you are anxious about what’s next. I think we could all use a little more of the reminder that Jesus forms us in these ways when we, like him, sit in the presence of the Father. As we seek formed by him, to come together as a community, as we look for ways to bring good to the people and places he has us, we have to start at his feet. I hope that truth is rest for your soul and a weight off your shoulders as we go into this new month together! 


Love you guys! 

Ben Menge 


4/16 - Emmaus Women

4/23 - New Sermon Series in James!

4/26 - Prayer & Potluck

We are setting a challenge to read James five times before we start the series! Let us know how it goes!