Summer Intensive - Wrapping Up!

Let's build a rule of life together.

Thank You!

Friends, I've enjoyed the last couple of months considering different spiritual practices with you.

We've had quite the variety of experiences and a ton of good conversation around what it means to build and lean into a "rule of life."

I'd love it if some of you even missed the message we sent out because your phone was off! That would warm my pastoral heart :)

Wednesday 8/30 - Assigment

Tomorrow, Wednesday 8/30, we're going to take some time in class to discuss the draft of each of your individual rule of life. Come prepared to discuss:

  • What are the daily practices I want to commit to?
  • What are the weekly practices I want to commit to?
  • What do I think will get in the way?
  • How will I involve the community to help me?

There are no extra bonus points for piling on the practices! This should be something reasonable for your life schedule and something that really feel called to do. God is the one at work drawing you close to Him. How best can you engage in that?

Over committing is a great way to burn out and not even trying is another way to miss out.

My prayer is that through our time in the book and the class, you have a better idea of what you need and what would be a healthy rule of life for you.

Moving Forward

My desire is to give everyone a chance to share and get feedback from the group. If that takes this week and next, then we can totally do that. Our last class is September 6th.

From there, we're planning on committing to our rule of life for 30 days! There will be follow-up from Ben and I at least and hopefully from some friends in the community that you are already connected with.

We want to see how God shapes and forms you in your commitment to draw near to Him.

If everyone gets a chance to discuss their rule of life this week, then we'll focus on the epilogue of the book "On Failure and Beauty" for our September 6th class.

See you at 7pm on Wednesday!